What is Top10in.us all about?

Top10in.us has a very simple objective – to make choosing the best products easy for you. We decided to put together a comprehensive online resource that will bring you unbiased lists of the best selling and most popular products across all categories.

Why is that useful for you? Simply because these top 10 best sellers lists are completely unbiased. The products rank in the lists only on the basis of their sales. The more a product sells, the higher it will rank. In fact if a particular product is featured in one of our Top 10 lists, then it is probably a great choice as it is. It will only reach the Top 10 list if it has been bought and tested by hundreds and usually thousands of buyers.

Now, we don’t suggest that you blindly go and buy the No. 1 ranking product in a list. That will be counterproductive as the product has to meet your specific requirements, however you can start looking at these products to find the best one of yourself.

These instant dynamically generated Top 10 lists will help you find the best products for your specific needs. Also every product in the list will be priced right, since it is a popular choice.

Since the lists are instantly and dynamically generated, you will only get the latest products and not outdated ones, which is often the case with static lists. Our Top 10 lists are dynamic and feature the current bestsellers.

Who is behind the website?

We are actually two brothers who run this website, we are both technology enthusiasts and avid shoppers. Our interest in tech and gizmos was what started us with putting together this website.

My name is Brian and I am the founder, I give strategy and technology inputs, while my brother Jared writes content and heads the marketing efforts. I have been in the web business for over four years, and also run several e-commerce websites.

By the way we also love hiking 🙂 I am the one who is looking back!